Conserving the remaining biodiversity…

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This year IDB 2014 Titled “Island Biodiversity ” was  celebrated at the University of Lagos Nigeria Under the auspices of the BIODIVERSITY SOCIETY OF THE DEPARTMENT OF ZOOLOGY popularly known as University of Lagos   Biodiversity Conservation Society (UBCS). A society founded two years ago during the 50th anniversary of the existence of University of Lagos as part of the department of Zoology’s  mandate to promote biodiversity conservation and environmental friendly culture among students.The Society has as part of her  tradition to celebrate important dates that promote biodiversity conservation around the world .This year alone ,the Society have celebrated 2 of such days with IBD 2014 as the Second after the WORLD WETLAND DAY celebrated  in February.

 This Year IBD was well attended with both the undergraduate, Postgraduate research  students and Lecturers alike in attendance. Novelty football matches were organised prior to the event to create awareness among students.The main event was celebrated with a SYMPOSIUM tagged ”Our Disappearing Treasure Islands and Their Antropogenic Threats”.The symposium started with a brief introduction of events led by the president of the Society Mrs F Olaleru  followed by a  keynote address from the Dean of Faculty of Science Prof. Mathew Olusoji ILORI, Who identified Islands as one of the major Hot spots for   biodiversity in today’s world.He emphasized  the economic and biological relevance of Island and linked their preservation with conservation of genetic materials Citing Madagascar and Galapagos  Islands as case studies.He encouraged students who are today’s scholars and tomorrows leaders to fight for the future by adhering to practices that conserves our islands and their Biodiversity.The representative of the the head of department of Zoology ,Dr A.O Otitoloju emphasized the need to fight climate change,to reduce green house gases emission and to reduce our carbon footprint by inculcating  green culture as part of strategies to preserving the integrity of our disappearing Islands.The guest speaker Mr Kukoyi. Identified the MELTING ICE CAP,SEA LEVEL RISING ,GLOBAL WARMING and green house gases from anthropogenic Sources as drivers of the Disappearing Islands of our planet citing the example of Maldive Island..He linked the increasing green house gases and carbon footprint with increasing materialism of today’s societies,vicious cycle of poverty among the growing world population  and the quest to keep track with current demand of globalisation .The Symposium came to an end with a vote of thanks from the the Coordinator of the event by Dr Akeredolu Excellence who  wrapped up the event enjoining  the students to come up with a personal commitment  to save their planet by reducing emission through  environmental friendly practices.Image